Worthington Community Theatre

Support Worthington Community Theatre

Worthington Community Theatre is a non-profit organization that relies on the help of volunteers and donations. We have a few ways that you can help with our effort to produce the high quality, family friendly theatre for Worthington and the surrounding communities.

You can donate money or volunteer your time to help us with future productions.

Donate via PayPal

Even to know we charge for tickets, we still have a need for donations. Ticket prices help us cover the costs to pay for the show rights, sets, costumes, and other necessities needed for a performance.

But there are always re-occuring costs that we must pay each and every month, no matter if there is a performance or not. These include insurance, storage, furture show rights, and other monthly expenses. Your donations outside of ticket sales helps us keep these expenses paid and keep the future of the organization safe. As we all have learned from the pandemic, arts organizations can not exist without the support of the community and the donations they recieve.

Please donate today via PayPal. You can do a one-time donation or setup a monthly donation. Every little bit helps.

Give Back with Amazon

Shop on Amazon all the time? Amazon can donate a portion of your purchase to Worthington Community Theatre. Eligible products will earn 0.5% of the purchasing price for the Worthington Community Theatre.

Signups are free and available to eveyone that has an Amazon account.

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Afraid to try out for the lead part in our next production? You can still help! Volunteers are always needed during productions.

Sets have to be built and torn down. Help is needed to move set pieces during a show. People need help finding seat. Consessions need help during intermission. All these things require help and we never seem to have enough.

Contact us for volunteer opportunities!